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Name: Craig Hunter

City: Tustin

Age: 36 years old

Years Riding: 27 years

Class: Vet-Expert

Bike Make / Size:  Yamaha YZ 250

Family: Sonya , Natassia, Trevor, Kiana, Tonka!

Funniest race moment: Racing the parker 400 with the choke on!

What you like about the Prairie Dogs: What a diverse group of individuals!

Racing Accomplishments: Beating Dan Parrott at the GPs, making lots of friends.

Your ultimate goal in racing: After 25 years it all comes down to bragging rights of the last race!

My first race!

[Zach Hughes] [Kalin Kines] [Terry Remyn] [Pete Bender] [Dave Bender] [Mike Parrott] [Trevor Parrott] [Byron Purdy] [Lindsay Smith] [Robert McIntyre] [Rick Elmore] [Craig Hunter] [Trevor Hunter] [Lee Ramont] [Randy Banales] [Jann Banales] [Jessica Bateman] [Chris Mattson] [Bob Rubin] [Greg Bender] [Vince Gongora] [Mark  Gorgone] [Trevor Hunter]
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District 37 AMA Competition


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